Chapter 10 - Ally?

3rd general is on the training ground and Koharu is also being held captive. A battle between the general and Asahi is about to begin

10 min read

Chapter 09 - Training

Asahi has started his hard training after visiting the grave and trying his best to learn the techniques of the sword in order to take revenge from the goblins.

13 min read

Chapter 08 - Last talk with Hyde

Someone was holding Asahi from his neck and probably will kill him without any problem but this same person can be an ally for him.

9 min read

Chapter 07 - Re:Rendering

Asahi actually survives the Lunis attack because of re:rendering ... a strange phenomenon even he don't know about.

7 min read

Chapter 06 - Humiliation

Asahi is now a mere play tool for the goblin generals and kings and he is now being tortured mostly every day... every day felt like hell to him.

9 min read

Chapter 05 - Only Friend I Had

When Asahi was on Earth, he had a friend but something happened to that friend of his.

8 min read

Chapter 04 - Memories

While Asahi was on the ground some visuals of the pasts struck his mind which he doesn't recognize at all.

10 min read

Chapter 03 - Warrior Chief Of The North

The past of the battle that took place in the north 50 years ago and all the events from the perspective of Hyde, The Warrior Cheif Of The North.

13 min read

Chapter 02 - Regret

Three months went by since Asahi came into this new world, and he's still trying to get used to it ... he has also gained knowledge about various creatures in the meantime. But he still has a lot to learn.

15 min read

Chapter 01 - The Day I Died

Asahi, a 3rd-year high school student dies in a truck accident while saving a girl and gets reincarnated into another world that is full of mysteries.

10 min read