Chapter 10 - Ally?

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A sudden flashback of prison struck me when I saw that armor. All that fear and pain came back to me. I was so scared that I couldn’t even move. There was a feeling of suffering dwelling inside me but at the same time feeling of revenge was dwelling too ... feeling to resist and fight.

While I was thinking about all this then I noticed that in front of 3rd general, Koharu was held captive, her hand were tied and her mouth was also closed with cloth but still after that, she was resisting.

I was standing with my sword in one hand ... I think no one has noticed me yet and I might be able to escape but that would mean leaving Koharu behind and I couldn’t do that. I might not stand a chance against 3rd general but we won't know what would happen until we try ... at least I am better than before.

I made a sound through movement intentionally and yes the 3rd general noticed me right away ... she saw me and I was ready to charge at her ... I also noticed that some of the armor was damaged from her shoulders and hands ... perhaps that's the result of a battle with Koharu after that I heard Koharu trying to say something but her voice was muffled.

I charged at her at my full speed and power from the front and at first, she was surprised and the first move was able to hit her but then afterward those moves were not hitting because she was now seriously dodging them unlike before and attacking me too luckily I was able to dodge most of them but I was not unscathed, there was blood flowing from one of my cheeks due to cut already.

At the same time, I was analyzing the area and from the looks of it only 2 more goblins were there who were holding Koharu and there was not a whole bunch of group of goblins like 4 years ago and at that time I noticed a tree that was right behind the 3rd general it was an easy one to climb because it was slightly bent which made it easy to have footing.

I first dodged her attack and then charged at the tree at full speed and tossed my sword in the air and then jumped on the tree and climbed it with all my might I was barely able to keep up with the timing of the sword falling but it was a good decision I guess.

3rd general was already on the move when I saw from above and then at that moment I just remembered my training and jumped from the tree while yelling. With that move 3rd general was able to lose her footing and then I attacked her from sideward, she was not able to dodge it and then she was on the ground.

I thought I was able to beat her and at that very moment she stood up and said something ... I was not able to hear because the voice was very low to listen to and what I saw afterward... I was shocked and then started to think can that be possible with the sword?

She started rotating her sword and probably changed the way of her sword movements too ... I was just seeing it and then she was covered with fire it was like a blade made out of fire burning bright red and yellow. After some time her blade was covered with fire.

I was now not able to dodge any of those attacks and I was getting hit by them and then I was on the ground and my sword was out of my reach. I was thinking about dying once again but she didn't kill me and I was surprised but I was also held captive like Koharu and she said ... "I see so you have improved a lot since last time ... to think you would push me so far to use the fire nature of my style."

So this is one of those natures of the sword the dreams told me about ... How pathetic can I be. Like I was not able to even put much damage to her. I need to learn more but that would be after I get out of this situation and I wonder when that would be ... also I was not worried about me dying but instead about Koharu ... I can't suffer the same pain I felt with Hyde again.

We were then taken to the carriage which was attached to a Cabeq(Horse), oddly 3rd general was sitting at the back of the carriage beside Koharu and one of the goblins was riding the carriage while another was sitting beside me and I was sitting on the opposite side to Koharu and were now moving.

Nothing was going on in my mind except how can I escape from here with Koharu but no idea was popping into my mind.

Just by seeing the power gap between the 3rd general and me. I was questioning myself what I did for the past month would you really call that training? I feel like it was all for nothing the power gap is just too large and I am not even able to put much of a scratch on her. How can I fight against her?

I am not doubting Koharu but I just wonder how much of a fight Koharu was able to put against her because seriously and I want to know about her sword style too.

While I was drowned in these thoughts we reached the town gates and then soon enough we reached the castle, it was quite normal for a town regular noises but it was not like 4 years ago.

Without anyone meeting us were just heading toward prison and seriously I was not understanding why there was such hurry to take to prison. I mean I get it we are being held as criminals but last time I was here 4th general first represented me to the king first.

One of the goblins untied our ropes in the prison and Koharu and I took a deep breath first. Then I saw that there was eagerness in her eyes of Koharu like she wants to tell me something which is very important and can't wait.

Koharu then started speaking after all others left and we were all alone in that cell with no one around. She said ... "It can't be, she just can't be". She was breathing heavily and tears were dropping out of her eyes when she was seeing that. I first said calm down to her and then she started speaking again ... "3rd general ... I am sure she is ... she is Hyde's and Hana's daughter ... Hanabi".

Wait wait wait... what the hell? Hyde also had a daughter? and she is 3rd general. I was not able to believe it so I asked her ... "Are you sure about that?" and she said ... "Yes I am sure about that ... because she got the same birth mark on her right hand that Hanabi had and I got to know about that when I started to fight her. When I saw it I was shocked so I didn't do anything on purpose and submitted myself intentionally to find out more about it back then what I was trying to say at that time with the muffled voice was to do the same but anyways the results were the same because you don't know any style for now."

Geez, that hurts a bit but yeah ... then so it's really his daughter and we need to fight her? I am not sure what to think of it. I seriously am not understanding what is going on here. I am curious about the battle that took 54 years ago and yea it is not the time to ask about it but I can't help it so I asked it.

"What exactly happened 54 years ago?" and she said... "Well you also know that now is not the time for this but long story short ... 54 years ago, the northern territory of humans was merged with goblins' territory because Chief lost the battle with Kai. In that battle, Chief lost his wife and daughter. He found the body of his wife but her daughter's body was nowhere to be found and at some point, he lost that hope. That battle was something that broke Chief from the inside and he remained as that for several months"

That's tragic for sure ... I can't even imagine his pain ... I know about this pain to a certain extent because even I lost someone close to me but losing every person in your territory is no match against it. My respect for Hyde rose even more and to be honest I really don't know how much more secrets this person hides.

Anyways I don't know how to think of Hanabi now ... and several more questions are arising in my mind ... like even she was taken away by goblins 54 years ago. How is she general now and how she became so strong? Not to mention her looks she just looks like a 20-24-year-old girl well I guess that's the runs in her blood. Can we make her our ally or she will remain our enemy? How can I even tell her about all of this mess and would she really believe it?

What will come out of it I am not sure but somehow I will surely tell her that's what I have decided because I think I will carry a lingering regret if I don't tell her about this and it's just doesn't feel right.

After a while, I heard footsteps approaching the prison... it was Hanabi, I mean 3rd general and 2 goblins and the goblins unlocked the prison and we were now in shackles and were on the way to the throne room.

I was just thinking whether to tell her or not ... yes or not? from Koharu's expression I was able to judge that the same thing was going on in her mind and at last, I decided to tell her and shouted do you know "Do you want to know about Hyde?" and at that moment she just slayed both goblins and pushed me to the prison's cage and the tip of the sword was on my neck and my hands wer raised and she said... "Keep talking, I am all ears."