Chapter 03 - Warrior Chief Of The North

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Have to edit this chapter in the middle parts although the conclusion will be the same

My name is Hyde. My age is ... well I lost the count after 534. I may not look like it but yes that's what my age is. It's more than most of the species that live in this world. I am older than most of the elves that exist nowadays. I was once known as warrior chief of the north but due to certain events that took place 50 years ago, I was no longer the warrior chief.

In this world, the human territory was divided into 4 parts - North Town, South Town, East Town and West Town. North town had warriors who were not good at magic and only used weapons. South town had warriors who were good at magic and used magic only. East town had warriors who were good at primarily good at magic but were also able to use weapons. West town had warriors who were primarily good at weapons but they can use magic.

These 4 parts and 1 capital city at the center named Klantos formed Human territory. The human territory was the second biggest territory in terms of area it was previously first but what happened 50 years would answer how it became second in terms of area.

It began 55 years ago. When I first met her in Klantos. By that time I was Warrior Chief of North for about 24 years. It was the central order to report as soon as possible to the central city for a major meeting. It was about the invasion of Goblin territory that was about to happen in the next 5 years. You might think that it's too early to have a meeting for the battle that will come in the next 5 years. But it's not because as I stated before North Town didn't have any warriors who could use magic. So healing was not the option for the battle. That's why I was called urgently to the central city. I was the only one who was able to use a little bit of magic.

I was asked to train the warriors so they can compensate for the lack of magic. I was a bit worried about this decision. The town that was about to get invaded was the North Town. My folks were living in that town. During the meeting, all four Warrior Chiefs were briefed about the situation. Yet they were not able to help because they were busy protecting their towns and since North Town didn't have any magic they might have considered me and my town the weakest in the whole Human territory. That's why they were not caring what would happen. That's what I thought. But then I heard a voice ... it was the Lieutenant of the South Town. She said if no one had any problem with my decisions then I would like to help Mr. Hyde in protecting the North Town. I don't know what she saw in me but for me, she was the kindest person who ever lived. She raised her voice in the room where no Lieutenant was allowed to speak. At first Warrior Chief of the South, Town was not sure but then he said I don't mind. We can help you at least with one person. Then warrior chiefs of the east and south told me that they can help with training but they won't be able to help in fights. I stood up and was thankful to them. It was all because Hana raised her voice to help. She smiled and it was beautiful. After this meeting was finished.

I met Hana personally after the meeting was finished and I thanked her... because she raised her voice at the time no one was going to help probably. Hana was a cheerful person and she was happy to help me. After staying in the central city for 2 days. We headed to North Town together. Now after that my memories are a bit fuzzy all I remember is that she helped those who got injured while practicing weapons.

After 2 years we both got married, I still don't know what she saw in me but for me, that was one of the happiest moments. We had a daughter named Hanabi. She was very cheerful too just like he mother and after 3 years the promised day of battle came. The day I lost my title, town, friends and my family.

My memories from that day are still clear as crystal. It was the army of Kai which had nearly 5000 soldiers and mine which had only 1000. The difference was vast yet I believed in myself and Hana. Hana was helping the injured warriors from the battle outside the battlefield. She was really good at healing magic. The battle began and we nearly killed 2500 goblins but still, the difference was there we also lost nearly 300 warriors by the time we defeated 2500 soldiers. Hana might be trying her best to heal those soldiers. That's what I thought at that moment. But then I received a message during the battle from one of the messengers ... that Hana was killed by 4th General Kai. I was shocked at that moment. I tried my best to hold my tears. But even then I was not able to hold them. I was crying ... crying on the battlefield how weak am I? After some time I started thinking how did Kai even penetrate that deep into the territory ... I was now worried about Hanabi too and at the I was expecting it least. We received a major hit on the battlefield ... all the fallen goblin soldiers were covered with purple light and after a while, they were all healed and were able to stand again ... and they started to fight again. We were losing energy and amount of soldiers drastically... I started killing goblins in rage ... I alone killed over 700 goblins that day ... I was all tainted with green blood that was gushing out of them. and then I somehow reached Kai ... I said "ATTACK!!" at that very moment... but surprisingly no one was there then I turned over and all of my warriors were dead by now. The land was all tainted in red blood. I was filled with even more rage and due to that, I lost my footing and Kai was able to give me the scar on my chest. Kai was laughing and said "Now now... I will only give you that scar. I had fill after killing your wife and daughter after all." at that moment I realized that he might have also killed Hanabi, My hand dropped my sword and was on my knees. I cried very hard and very hard. That day I lost my town, friends and family. That day I lost everything. After the battle was over Kai returned and said North Town will be under Goblin Territory from now on.

After a few minutes then I hurried up to Hanabi and Hana's bodies but I never found Hanabi's body. I gave Hana a proper burial in a cave. I also hid in that cave because the goblin army was out to destruct everything and I had to protect Hana's grave at least. After that, I got out of that cave after 1 week I was still sad and depressed and for quite a week I was searching for Hanabi's body but there was no luck, I finally gave up after searching for 1 month ... I won't be able to find her body now I said to myself after keeping a stone on my heart. I saw the situation in which town was now ... all the houses were now reduced to dust and there was no sign of any life. Only tears fell from my eyes. Then later that day while I was sleeping I got a dream which reminded me that several years ago an old man cursed me because of something... the memories are still fuzzy but I had a curse whose details I can't remember... maybe it was designed that way? I am not sure. I decided to live in this place until the day I die. You can ask why I didn't leave the town when it was under goblin's jurisdiction ... so to tell you the truth this was the place where all my comrades died and I don't want to abandon the land where I lived since my childhood, I also buried Hana here so I can't leave this place at all.

For many years I was just gathering info about the new wildlife that began appearing in the North Town including Lunis, Acertis, Daini etc. I also collected details about various plants and their application ... and surprisingly they had various applications. I started creating clothes from Lunis fur and Plant fiber was great but not as good as the clothes that I had before. I wrote all the applications in a book that was made from plant fiber. It took me a considerable amount of time in making pages. I also wrote the spells and techniques that I knew in that book... I learned some basic spells from Hana but I was not able to cast them because I didn't have any mana to cast them. In the end, it was a set of 5 books that I wrote about wildlife, magic and other techniques. For some reason, I named that set PENTA LIBERS. Then after 30 years, I stepped into the goblin's territory town where I found a black robe so I brought it to hide my face in front of the goblins. I started making some connections to gather some intel and else. Getting intel was hard at the beginning because what the intel gatherer wants is money and I didn't have any with me, to begin with. But then I found a goblin guy named Kylo who just wanted some Lunis fur ... apparently, he had a business of fabrics and Lunis fur makes great fabrics.

That sums up all the events that happened in these past 50 years. For about 50 years I just killed goblins because Kai or any other general never came out of the castle. One day when I was on the tree hunting Lunis. I heard the sound of a human who was screaming for help... it was just 5 goblins ... only 1 arrow of mine was able to take them down. I saved that kid .. his name was Asahi. He seems not to be from this world because his outfit kinda reminds me of him. Anyways I took him to the cave and told him about the rules that are necessary to survive here. At night I didn't have any extra Lunis fur to be used as a sheet to sleep on the floor of the cave. So Asahi slept on the bare floor. I bet he will get cold. I would arrange Lunis fur and else very soon. He is the first human I have seen in the first 50 years, to be honest, I felt great about seeing him. When I checked his affinity I was kinda shocked because his sword skills can rise above warrior chief but that will come at a cost so I didn't tell him the method to do that ... and said to him that he won't need it. He also asks me various questions that are related to Hana and Hanabi and I avoid those questions because I feel I would cry while answering those. Asahi gets into trouble very often, like recently I saved him from a group of Acertis. Whenever I go to gather intel I tell him that I am going to buy something important... because if I tell him I am going to gather intel then he would ask me a bunch of questions that I don't want to answer.

A few months went by after that and I received a major intel... Kai was out of the castle after 50 years. I hurried up to the cave to tell Asahi all the story of the battle of Goblin Territory vs North Town but Asahi was not in the cave. I was worried about him now, I don't know if he even knows the routes here. I then noticed that one of my stone chests was kinda opened, I checked then what was missing and the trap that is used to capture Acertis was not there Now I was really worried about what if he would get in front of Kai. I hurried up to the nest that I knew and what I saw from the bushes was that Asahi was on the ground and he was about to get slashed. I have to hurry to save him. Thankfully I saved him then I kinda scolded him and I was really happy that he was saved and I got to see Kai after 50 years.

Then the battle began and I lost and now my head is on the lap of Asahi I will just give him a few last words .... man he reminds me of him. But anyways ... he was crying a lot for me ... I was kinda relieved that he considers me his friend ... I leave it all up to Asahi and I hope that he will survive, I didn't get my revenge exactly but now I don't care about it anymore, all I care is about joining my Hana and Hanabi.

I am coming Hana and Hanabi.

Here imagine a scene of a path full of cherry blossoms and 3 years old girl named Hanabi walking with her hand being held by Hyde and Hana and the scenes fade away. We see the face of satisfied Hyde with his eyes closed in the lap of Asahi