Chapter 04 - Memories

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Hyde was dead and was lying on my lap his blood was still coming out... and his body went cold, his face was getting paler and paler with time and Kai was still laughing. I faced up at the sky and a sense of despair filled me.

Then suddenly the blue sky disappeared what I was seeing was a happy child, a child who was laughing, a child who was cheerful and a child who was full of life. His face kinda resembled Hyde. It was like Hyde but younger and cheerful. I am seeing all this from someone's point of view and we are running here and there laughing and enjoying ... I can't hear a word they say but I can tell by their expressions that they are laughing and enjoying. There was a girl too who I was not recognizing much. But I felt that I have seen her somewhere.

I was still unable to tell what happened and what was that I am seeing. And who is the person from whose point of view I am seeing this? Then Hyde hold out my hand and the girl's hand and started running in a certain direction. We are now standing on a cliff from where all I can see is forest and at the end, there was a mountain range that was radiating some neon lights and there were dense clouds above that range. Hyde was pointing out to that mountain with an excited face.

It would be better if I was able to hear his voice too. I see Hyde in approximately 12 years old child but as mentioned in the battle that something might have happened 50 years ago and Hyde just looks like a 30 to 40 years old guy so I am guessing that age of Hyde is probably more than 12 or even younger. I can no longer judge people in this world based on their looks. I am still unable to understand what is happening.

After that, there was a skip in memories and the scene was rapidly changing, what I was seeing now was that Hyde was running along with me to the same cliff and that girl was standing there with her eyes full of tears and she was facing us and Hyde was worried and running at his full potential and then she fell off the cliff. I was on my knees now my hands were rubbing my eyes and Hyde was trying hard to stop his tears and was comforting my back. I was still unable to comprehend what was happening.

Then those scenes stopped, and I was again able to see the blue sky and black clouds approaching fast and the rain started. Kai finally stopped laughing and I carefully removed Hyde's head and body from my lap and stood up then I turned and charged at Kai with everything I got ... I don't know what I was doing. I was just running at full speed I was able to grab his neck then he snapped and all the goblins that were killed by Hyde were covered in purple circles for 2-3 seconds and they all got up and they dragged me away from Kai, I was still trying my best to get free from their grip but all those efforts were futile and all for nothing.

Then Kai looked at me and said so "you were with Hyde huh? I was going to kill you but now I know this fact it will be better to make you a slave. Would it not?" He was full of grin while saying that he tied a rope to my body and Hyde's body Hyde was then tied to Kai's Cabeq and then they started moving ... Hyde's blood was leaving impressions on the ground and for me, 2 goblins were dragging me ... It was hurting me a lot but what was happening to Hyde's corpse was more infuriating. Then we reached the town of goblins.

This is the first time I have seen this town and all people were only laughing at Hyde's condition, no one was even pitying him and they were praising Kai. I was not able to believe how they can do this and how they are not even saying anything. Now Kai came down of his Cabeq and was about to slash him again but then Someone with a black robe and long hair came and took Hyde's body after glaring at me for a second or two. She is probably a girl I guess. I hope she won't torture a corpse just like Kai was doing. I was still in a state of confusion because suddenly there was chaos all over ... most of the goblins were behind that girl but, she jumped through roofs and escaped into the forest. "Tch... she got in our way again" - Kai said.

Now with a grin look, he shifted his gaze to me who was on the ground and then said to all people there to throw stones at me ... I was unable to do anything. I was hopeless. I was powerless and I was just a slave. I was just a slave to Kai. I was just a slave to the goblins. They started throwing stones at me and I started bleeding from my head then Kai healed me up and then again he asked me to do the same. I was bleeding, getting bruised and then got healed to feel the pain again ... this went on for 10 times. Deep within I was still crying and hating myself for being so weak and then he asked people to stop and I was now completely healed.

Now we were heading towards the castle which was in the center of the city. Castle was a big main building with four big pillars ... the pillars were covered with banners and the banners were pointing to the four corners of the castle. Castle itself was in the color green and white. It was enormous looking up close.

We were now entering the castle, I am still tied up with ropes and my outfit is torn apart in various places. It was becoming difficult for me to walk with each step and I was still being pushed by goblins that were following Kai... One end of the rope was in the hands of Kai, and he was walking in front of me. Many goblins bowed to him and they were even stronger looking than the ones that were following Kai. Then we were about to enter the court and the doors opened. Unlike normal courts of kings that I saw in fantasies, it was almost empty. There were only 4 people beside me, Kai and the goblins that were following Kai.

There was an old guy who was sitting on the throne and he was looking at me with a smile. He was the king of the territory. He asked Kai, "What kind of toy you brought this time 4th general?". I am no toy you old dirt bag. "Well well well let me introduce you to ... umm... what was your name again Mr. good for nothing?" - Kai said. I didn't say anything at first but then he again shouted at me then I said it is Asahi while being scared. "Oh well now you heard him ... his name is Asahi, he was playing friends of Hyde - that stupid warrior chief that lost his everything in the battle and now he is dead.". "Now Mr. Asahi let me introduce everyone to you," Kai said while grinning. "So coming up first we have Our Great King and on his left is our first general then on our right we have none other than the second general. Who do we get here? Who do we get here? that's right our only female general who is in the third seat". Kai introduced them to me in a weird manner. I guess he is one of those psychopaths... the way he always laughs and else. Upon my introduction, the second general seemed frustrated and the other two didn't care much I guess. So I was then taken to prison after this. I am still not able to digest the things that have happened today.

I was now in the prison and it was not very good... exactly what you will expect from a prison. It was dirty and the bars were made of wood instead of iron but seemed pretty strong to me. I was sitting in despair with my legs curled up and my head on the knees with my arms covering up some part of my head. I was crying too hard... tears were not stopping from my eyes. A sound came that was similar to a mouse chewing something... it was a big mouse and I was scared of them really ... and I cried to help me... I cried to shift me to another prison... I was so scared of it... you can say I had a phobia from the mouse. But there was no one to listen... no one listened to me and the time continued, that mouse eventually came to my place, I panicked and jumped over to another place but somehow he bit me and a lot of blood was flowing from my legs.

I was no longer able to stand properly. I collapsed to the ground at the moment he bit me and due to that, the mouse ran away. No one was there to hear my screams. No one was there to help me to get through this pain. I was missing my mom's care and I was crying but no tears were coming out, it was just the sounds. My tears were all dried up... I have now lost count of how many times I have cried today. All because I wanted to hunt down Acertis on my own. I screamed in pain that day a lot. Blood was running through my leg but eventually, it dried up and at that moment Kai came and said "Ooh my toy is damaged... lemme fix my toy.", he healed that wound of mine and then he entered the prison and said that it's finally time to play with the toy.

I was really scared of this psychopath he took a whipping belt out of somewhere... that night the only thing I remember is being healed after every 10 hits so that I can last long. I didn't receive any food either. After an hour I collapsed but I was able to hear "Tch! I will increase this toy's durability late on". I passed out and the sun never rose again for me.