Chapter 05 - Only Friend I Had

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Year - 2020, Earth Calender

Beginning of New School Session

I was not able to make any friends since childhood and this year will be the same. They think of me as a creep who gets full almost every time and they never try to approach me. When I try to approach them, they are just like "yeah yeah you are right and then they leave". It was the same every year. I tried to get fewer marks than normal so they can become friends with me but It made my parents kinda sad I felt. So I never did that again.

Today was the beginning of my first year of high school and I was not very excited about it. I was just thinking about how I will again get through this year without making friends. I heard a bunch of bustles before I entered the classroom but when I entered my classroom each of them was staring at me. Not like it was a new thing because now I was used to it. My seat is the last row second last seat and quietly sat down there and was staring out of the windows which were just beside my seat. I was able to see a bunch of new faces that I never have seen. Well, that's the thing about high school, you get to see new faces every year.

I was just thinking about that and someone said "Good Morning!". At first, I thought my ears were ringing and then she shouted again ... "I said good morning to you" while smashing her hand on my desk. Well, it was not rude in fact it was a kind cute accent and all. I said "uhh.. uh yeah Good Morning." and she said "I am sorry I didn't introduce myself. "I am Haruki, I will be studying in this school this year.", to that I replied "I am Asahi, I am glad to meet you. You said you will be studying in this school this year, does that mean you will be leaving next year?", I was actually interested now because no one really talked to me. She sat down on the seat right next to me and said "Yeah, My father transfers to another city every year due to their job. sighs, well that's why I try to make friends wherever I go because I get into a new school every year. I am not a very good student though.(she laughed while speaking this) So that's it for me tell me more about yourself.

Then I told her about my schooling, hobbies and everything else too. She then said, "Woah so you are a topper huh?". I was thinking shit I shouldn't have said that then she said "It's funny we are like totally opposite, I guess we can be good friends." It was the first time anyone wanted to be friends with me. I was happy.

While we were talking ... everyone was glaring at us like we did something wrong. I was kinda worried about Haruki. She then went to everyone to become friends but no one became her friend because she was a friend of mine. I felt that sad and I said Haruki we can't be good friends I guess. She said "Lol what are you even saying? I at least have one friend which is enough for me if he is a good friend. They have got some stupid mindset that I can only be their friend by breaking friendship with you, to be honest, I won't be able to become good friends with them because for them friendship is a different term which I don't understand. Sorry but I am not like that." I was amazed by Haruki, to be honest, she was really good at being friends. Maybe if I were at her place I would have broken friendship with her to make new friends.

This is how my first day in high school. I made my first friend and I was really happy. After a few days, I got her phone number too. It was all very well and I taught her too after school because she was not very good at maths. But I was able to teach her more than enough that she was now able to score 80% which was only 40% before ... she was also happy at that and she said... "Asahi I can't believe, I got that much. For real!! it just amuses me, you really are a good teacher huh? and you scored 100% are you even a human lol! for what I know you can be a monster in disguise of a human." I replied, "Probably I am, who knows right ... after all, you are a good student too... unlike you mentioned before."

Every day of my first year of school was filled with joy because she was a friend of mine with whom I can share my thoughts. Then like this our first-year high school was over and she left for Kyoto. I was very sad when she was leaving maybe I was crying too.

Then began my second year of high school and things were like before, no one was my friend this year but Haruki talked to me on phone once in a while so I was happy. Everyone was glaring at me and all. After a few months summer break began and Haruki told me that she will be coming to Tokyo for visiting her grandma and would also like to meet me. She was too excited to come to Tokyo I was able to judge that from her voice.

On 28-07-21 Haruki died in a truck accident.

That I was outside the house to get Haruki a welcome present and when I was walking on the footpath thinking deeply about the present I saw Haruki on the other side of the road. She waved to me and came running on this side without seeing left and right and she got a truck hit in the middle of the road. I tried to stop her by saying but she was not listening and was coming running at me. But she got the truck hit.

I was not able to think straight. I was not able to digest the situation and what happened I was not able to understand that at all. She was bleeding hard... I hurried over to her and I cried "help! help!", people were gathering and they called an ambulance as soon as possible... while I was crying "help! help!" she said ... it was not your fault kay? I cried upon hearing that. How that was not my fault ... it was me who waved you and you came running on this side without seeing left and right. If I didn't do that, you would not be like this. She then said "I don't have enough time I guess so I will only say this ... Be happy in your life okay and live it to the fullest and don't be depressed about this.", I was still crying while she was saying and then she closed her eyes and her body started becoming cold. I tried to shake her up and she was not responding. People from the ambulance told me to stand up and also helped me to get up and then they took Haruki with them.

She died because of me I was just thinking this ... I was very sad. That day I didn't eat food and after that day I didn't go to school for 1 week, One day Haruki came into my dream saying don't be depressed over it... I somehow decided to go to school.

When I reached the school I heard people saying that about her death, I was not feeling any better after coming to school. I gradually overcame that and I was not that sad now but I still regretted that a lot. I was not able to think straight.

I lost the only friend I had because of myself.

After almost one year

Year - 2022, Earth Calender

Date - 02-09-22

Asahi died in a truck accident while saving a girl from the truck