Chapter 06 - Humiliation

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I am Asahi. I am 21 years and I am a slave of the goblins. Just a mere slave who can't do anything. It's been 4 years since I am imprisoned here. In these past 4 years, I grew weaker because I didn't receive much food to eat. It was just twice a week with one time supply of water a day. I was just a slave who was used by the goblins to do their work. In these past four years, my height has increased a bit. I now have facial hairs too. If you will see me ... you will just see a chickened-out slave. The other day I was bathing and I noticed now my rib cage was visible.

I have certainly grown weaker in past four years. My past self would probably laugh at me. I am currently sitting in the prison in which this all started the humiliation. It began all here, after the day Kai first tortured me ... the very next day I was forced to work as their slave. Like that was not enough they also forced me to dance in the king's court. I was being humiliated in front of the kind and his court and not only that there were citizens too. They used me as a toy to entertain them. I was resisting the idea of dancing on the very first day but then Kai came down from his throne and tilted his head down to me and smirked. He said, "Are you sure, you don't wanna dance?". I was still just standing with my head facing the ground. He then took out his whipping belt and hit me 5 times, and I had to dance forcefully ... I was crying but they were enjoying that very scene.

King was laughing at my condition but the second and third general was not even paying attention to me and the first general was not present in the court at that moment. Kai looked at me and said, "You dance very well my precious toy. I am sure you will be a great dancer in the future if you dance regularly." After that dancing in the court was my daily routine. I was forced to dance on the court every day. I was not even allowed to take a break. I was forced to dance for 4 hours a day without break.

The other day they had a different idea ... what I was seeing in the court was a huge box which was covered with a cloth. I was wondering what was inside that but at the same time I was scared because it might be related to what was going to happen to me. I was standing and then that psycho Kai came down from his throne and said "Look, we have got a gift for ya." I was now scared. Anything from this psycho is troublesome. He then took out the cloth and what I saw was a cage inside which a lion-like creature with huge fangs and its tail was yellow but it looked very similar to that of a lizard. Right after the cloth was removed the creature started to roar and I was scared. I was scared because I knew what was going to happen to me.

I was then forced to enter the cage and that creature was right in front of me and it was roaring. I was going to die and I was sure of that. I thought of crying out for help but I know by now that they won't do anything for me so I was not crying for help but I surely was crying. The cage didn't have enough space and that creature went for my leg. I tried to escape but that was futile because the cage was small. My leg was bleeding. I was now on my knees, the moment he was about to go for my head I closed my eyes and after a while I noticed that I was still alive.

What I saw in front of me was that the third general was standing beside the cage and the cage was slashed by her sword which was now tainted with the blue blood of the creature. Did she save me? I was wondering. But at that very moment, she said "Don't get the wrong idea! you are nothing to me but the king is pleased to have you and if you would have died who would have danced." They all are the same ... they are all same and then Kai said that "Awww! you ruined the fun, Third General ... you know I can heal him right?". Then the third general said that, "Even you know your healing has limitations don't you?". Kai was now silent and after a while, he stared down at me and said: "Ah! you were not much of entertainment today were you? Well I will play with you in the prison then." I was then dragged to the prison by the goblin soldiers and then they forced me into the prison.

That night was no less than a horror film. Kai came and filled the cell with a lot of mouse-like creatures and then he said "You can tolerate them at least, right?" They chewed my flesh from various places and Kai was healing me at the same time, but the pain was there I just hoped that I better should be dead. I was then forced to pull an all-nighter.

One day I went to the third general room to deliver her breakfast. I was trembling while carrying that. When I entered the room she was cleaning her sword and Then she asked me a strange question ... she asked me "Who was Hyde to you?" ... I was stuttering while speaking and I didn't have much energy to speak anyways so I just said "Fr..frie.. friend" to which she said "fine, you can leave now". I left the place but I was wondering about that question that day.

Well besides that, the day was not any different I also had to feed the Cabeqs and other do other chores and above that, I didn't have much energy to do anything. I still wonder about many things ... who was the girl that took Hyde's corpse and what she did to his corpse? If I am ever able to escape from here I would like to go to the cave where I lived for the first three months and one more thing is that for the past four years I didn't see those memories in which Hyde was a child. I still feel like I have seen the girl that fell from the cliff.

Talking about escapes, that reminds me that I tried 3-4 times to escape but each time I failed. I was not able to escape. I wonder if the rest of my life would be like this only.

I hardly saw the first general in the court and the second and third general were mysterious because they didn't talk to me much and Kai just sucks, I actually wonder how a psychopath can lead an army. The king well is quite mysterious too because I just saw him in the courtroom other than that he was only in his room, he doesn't take walks like the generals and he just laughs at me and then he leaves.

That kinda sums up all the messed-up things that happened to me after Hyde died. I really miss him ... I am now just a toy for Kai and a slave to be laughed at.

It's morning now, they will force me out of the prison and ask me to do chores like usual days. I am now so used to this that I don't even care much now but today I was feeling dizzy. I wonder if I have a fever, I am feeling very bad today.

They asked me to carry the water bucket from the well. While I was coming back from the well, my vision was getting blurred and my legs were trembling. I suddenly collapsed after that. I was still able to hear the voices of soldiers though, they were saying that they should now throw me because I am basically useless now. Well, tell me about it. Even I know no one is more useless than me.

I was now able to hear the voice of Kai the psychopath, he said, "Seems like you can't be healed anymore. Well, now you are just a burden to me." Then he said, "Leave him the forest, Daini or Lunis will hunt him down eventually."

I was not sure how to react to this situation ... on one side now I was getting freed but on the other hand I am basically useless because of my poor condition. Anyways two soldiers dragged me from the castle to the forest. The pain of being dragged was now bearable to me. Because I have managed to handle more pain than this.

Just like that, I was now in the forest all alone. I was on the ground barely sitting and what I heard was the sound of a bunch of Lunis. I have to get up otherwise I will die. I will not be able to make it then.

Somehow I managed to get up and was running inside the forest. The Lunis were about to outrun me in no time. My life is funny isn't it the first time I died I had the regret that my friend died because of me and the second time I am about to time it's the same regret. I wished that I at least was able to take revenge for Hyde's death but that is no longer possible I guess.

The Lunis were coming faster now and I have been surrounded by them now. I had to take revenge but I am sure I won't survive. After that Lunis charged at me and

I died the second time.