Chapter 07 - Re:Rendering

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I was attacked by Lunis and I died. I wonder what will happen to me now? Will I get reincarnated in another world? or I will be back on Earth? I was thinking that while sitting in the darkroom that was there when I first died. I heard a voice from the darkness. I can't tell from where it came because it was echoing.

That voice was familiar to me. It was my voice but it was different. It was wicked and what I heard was quite unbelievable. It said, "You will not die until the promised day." wickedly laughing and sounds keep fading away

I wonder what he was talking about, I don't know. What does he want me to do? I will not die? Does this mean that I am immortal? Those were the questions that were on my mind.

And the dark room suddenly fades away and what I was seeing was the sky and I was laying in blood and flesh. It was the place Lunis charged at me and I was laying on my leftovers. After knowing that I was about to puke. I stood up fast and puked a lot in the bushes. Then I realized that I had more energy than before dying. My outfit was the same as the one in which I died. I was now in my 17 years old body.

Let's go back and rethink. This means that every time I die I will get back in this world at the same place where I died. Come to think of it, I was not able to hear the sound of any Lunis. So there must be a time gap between my revival and my death otherwise if it would be the same. I would have become their prey again. I felt like I stayed for 10 minutes in THE DARK ROOM and then I was here again. I am not sure if calling this phenomenon a "reincarnation" is the right word. Let's call it Re-Rendering instead. Yeah, we can go with that.

Let's decide the priority now. So my first priority would be food. I know quite a lot about this forest's plants so finding food won't be much of an issue. Then on second I have to find the time gap because I don't know after how much time I get re-rendered. Thirdly, which will take a lot of time, I have to get stronger because the power gap between me and Kai is very wide. Even Hyde was not his match when Kai used healing magic also along with this I need to find a way back to the cave. Hyde told me that This forest is very big and we can easily get lost. So finding the correct way to the cave would be difficult.

I was thinking that but again digesting the fact that I am not dead and was being re-rendered in this world is hard. I thought I was powerless. I was pathetic. But I have now discovered that I have got a pretty cool power-up. It's like a cheat code in the game where you get stronger and stronger and when you lose, you can start over with full HP.

It has been almost 1 hour since I am roaming for food and what I am finding are plants that are poisonous to eat and would not be good for health. Now I know that I would get rendered again I don't feel scared but I am still not sure about the time gap and if the time gap is more than a few minutes it would waste a lot of time.

After walking half an hour more I finally found a fruit that was quite like an apple. I forgot what they call it here but it's eatable. I ate it and I felt much better. While I was walking I also found a river nearby and I think I know that river ... If I follow that river I would get to the cave eventually because the cave was a 30-minute walk away from the river. Before walking again I looked into the river and noticed that my face was of the time when I was 17 years old. I was looking young and there was hardly any trace of facial hairs.

I also have to find the person who took Hyde's body from the town. I at least want to pay respect to Hyde's grave. I am not sure if I will be able to find her or not but sooner or later I will begin my search in the town.

Following the river was taking quite a while and now I was getting tired and it was almost evening. Soon enough Daini will be out to hunt and I will die again. Well, this was a great opportunity to check the time gap. As soon as I heard the sound of Daini's group, I took out the extra apple-like fruit, took a bite and then placed the fruit somewhere hidden.

Daini found me sooner than expected ... as for their appearance they are quite like dogs but they have got little horns and fangs that were outside of their mouth. Their fangs and horns were glowing green when they were about to charge at me and this time I was not afraid to die but it was still scary because even if I get rendered again the pain of being eaten was there and it was not pleasant but it was necessary ... at the same time I was wondering if I can believe the sound from the dark room but it was late to think about it, I was already in the dark room.

I stayed for like 10 minutes there, this time I didn't hear any voice. After a while, I was laying on my blood and flesh and I was looking at the sky full of stars. The night sky here is quite wonderful because this world doesn't have many artificial light sources so it doesn't hide dim stars' light. I felt like puking again but this time I held it somehow.

I rushed to the place where I hid that fruit. It was not brown from the part where I ate it. Now you might be wondering what is the point. Then let me tell you this ... this fruit is not like an apple only in appearance but also in behavior. Like apple gets brown when they are left sliced. The same was happening here, although the reason is not the same we can use it like that to take reference of time. From the shade of color, I can roughly guess that the time gap is 1 hour. This can be advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time.

I climbed up the tree which had thick branches and remained there until the sun rose. I started walking again and after walking for 1 hour I reached the point from where the cave was 30-minute away. I ate another fruit while I was walking as breakfast and eventually I reached the gate of the cave. It was now covered with even more plants it was almost hard to see the cave gate. Anyone would be confused while finding it because it was covered with plants. I recognized it from afar because beneath the new plants I was able to see plants that were about to die because of the prolonged effect of the water that is used to remove them. Now you would think that cave would be vulnerable while raining. You are quite correct and wrong at the same time. The water which is used to open the cave is mixed with a bit of poison that is obtained from a certain plant and that is not found in rainwater.

Right at the moment, I was about to enter the cave someone came behind me and grabbed my neck from the back. I was shocked because I didn't even hear any sound.