Chapter 08 - Last talk with Hyde

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Well this chapter make one or two things non-canon from chapter 1 and 3 which I will eventually edit so ... sorry for that I guess?

Right at the moment, I was about to enter the cave someone came behind me and grabbed my neck from the back. I was shocked because I didn't even hear any sound. Is it an assassin or something? Did the goblin territory get information that I am still alive? But I made sure not to leave any clues. Moreover, the flesh, blood and pieces of my clothes would be enough to make them believe that I have died. If it isn't someone from goblin territory then who could this be?

I heard a female voice. She said, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Isn't that the question that I should ask? I replied to her. She then grabbed my hand tightly and turned me over. Her hairs were brown and I felt that I have seen her in goblin territory. That's right she took the body of Hyde from the town. She said, "Aren't you the one who was captured by Kai four years ago? How you were able to get free from there?"

I guess she also remembers me from my face and I will not tell her about the dark room at the moment. I immediately asked her "Yes, I am the one that was captured by goblins four years ago and somehow I was able to break free. If I were to remember you took Hyde's body from the town, what did u do to his body? and why do you know about this place anyway?". She said, "Why should I trust you? ... you can be using disguise magic." I replied, "I don't have any magic. I am just a normal human. I don't know what you are talking about and as you can't trust me I can't trust you either because you are holding my neck right now and you ask for trust? That's just too much Lady."

She then took out the dagger and pierced through my skin but oddly it was not hurting ... like not at all. Then she finally released me and said, "Chief Hyde said that you will be getting out sooner or later, but I didn't think you really will. After all, it's been 4 years since that time but again I think I should not have doubted chief." After speaking this she released me from her grip.

"Wait wait wait what are you even doing? oddly it isn't hurting either, it's so weird. You mentioned chief by that you meant Hyde?" - I asked. "My name is Koharu, I was Lieutenant of North Territory and I was just checking if you are human or not because it would be dangerous if you were not. As for why it was not hurting, it is implanted with healing mana ... which removes the pain at the same time when piercing." - She replied.

Right now she mentioned a few points that I need to be concerned about. First, she was Lieutenant of North Territory which would probably mean that she was once a subordinate of Hyde which would explain why she knows about this place. But then what she was doing 4 years ago when I came into this world. She also said that Hyde said that I will be getting out sooner or later. What does that mean? Did Hyde knew that I would be captured eventually? and Did he knew about re-rendering ability? Even I am confused right now about that so it can't be said that he knew all that or it's also possible that she is a fake. I don't know how can I verify her identity.

I asked, "So you now trust me? well then to trust and believe that you are speaking the truth I would also need proof ... give me that". She then showed something like a tattoo which was like two swords and a shield on her right arm ... which I saw on Hyde's right arm too. I guess that can work right? For now, I will believe her. I was also curious about the events that took place nearly 54 years ago between Hyde and Kai but before that, I wanted to see Hyde's grave ... considering she was once Lieutenant, that would explain why she was not able to see the torture that was done on Hyde's corpse. I asked so on that day ... you took Hyde's body, right? Did you bury him? She replied, "Yes, I did. I buried him in the same place as her dear wife."

Now, this was not what I was expecting ... I didn't know that he once had a wife. Well, of course, his face ... gives vibes of a middle-aged man but he never once mentioned her wife and her wife is already dead too? I asked Lieutenant where is his wife's and his grave then ... she said we will go there in the morning because it's almost night ... it can also be dangerous because of Daini ... I guess that's fine.

For now, we were heading inside the cave. It was almost the same as the last time I saw it. Only minor changes like the black robe was no longer hanging on one of the walls. I really miss Hyde I guess.

Well, after that ... Koharu took something out of the stone chests and it was the good ol' acertis We ate Acertis soup that night ... it's been a while since eating that and yup it still tastes very good. Sometimes it feels gross thinking that I am eating lizard soup but ... all other things here like suck a lot so don't have a choice.

It was morning now. Koharu and I both went outside the cave and now we were heading in forward direction ... Koharu was on offensive mode with her sword whereas I ... well, for now, I hardly know anything about sword and all. But I do want to learn them afterall I have some basic affinity for them.

After a few minutes of walking, we reached under a tree. It was a pink tree ... you can say it was like cherry blossoms and under the tree shed there were two humps of sand. Well, that was the grave of Hyde and his wife.

Koharu immediately bent down and was now on her knees with her head low and with the sword's tip touching the ground. Well seeing that I also followed the same. I didn't have a sword so I was basically on one knee with my head low and one of my hands on the knees and one hand on my back.

Koharu was crying and muttering like ... sorry for doubting you chief. The boy you talked about has returned from the Goblin's castle which is quite amusing to believe but I will believe in what you said and I will train this boy until he learns the basics of swords.

Ok ... so some things I knew before but I didn't know that I will learn the basics of swords from Koharu ... well I am kinda happy. But I will think about it later first I need to talk to Hyde.

So Hyde ... you were my first friend in this world ... and you died. Why this happens all the time I wonder. Why do my friends die because of me? I asked myself many times while I was in the prison. I don't know the answer to that question ... But I will take your revenge and guarantee you that I will kill Kai for you. I don't know what business took 54 years ago between you and Kai but all I know is that Kai actually killed you and I will kill him instead. Well, you might be laughing at that statement because basically, I don't have any abilities to fight. Although I found out that I have an ability or something which prevents my death. So I can't die? I don't know whether you knew about this or not ... either way there is no way to hear a reply from you. About this power, I am still not sure. I don't know what and how much you have talked about me to your Lieutenant and I don't know how harsh she is with the training but I will learn it all ... I will learn it all to defeat Kai and will take your revenge. I hope you are living well in heaven ... well if it exists ... I never believed in those things to be honest but when Haruki died I just thought ... she should be living fine and good in heaven and I will think the same about you too. You also never mentioned your wife I wonder why ... but considering the number of mysteries you keep around yourself, I should not have been that shocked. Anyways I hope you enjoying your afterlife ... and I seriously hope you are not teleported to a world about which you don't even know.

Well, that was that ... I joined my hands after standing up and then we came back from the grave.

Koharu went inside the cave and came out with a wooden sword which I think she took out of the stone chests. She then tossed that sword towards me and then said with a smiling face "So little dude ... shall we begin?"